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About Empire

wes mull-owner

Wes Mull , Owner, has been in the coin business since 2002. The love affair with coins began with a summer job in shipping and receiving for his uncle, who spent 50 years in the coin business. Wes’ natural talent and charisma helped him to excel in this business. After 3 years, Wes left and went to work with his mentor, Brian Beardsley, where he learned the art of trading and the finesse of dealing in coins. After five years, Wes ventured out on his own as an entrepreneur and has been a well known presence in the Coin Industry ever since. Along the way many lessons were learned, including how to buy and sell diamonds, bullion, and dealing in scrap gold. Wes was born and raised in North Georgia and enjoys long distance running, college and professional football, and spending time with his family. While now he collects coins, Wes says he collected baseball cards as a child. His favorite coin is a Saint Gauden $20 Gold Piece, but he loves all better date US gold. While EGS is mostly a wholesale, dealer to dealer business, we have recently expanded to offer the same deals of buying and selling to the general public, allowing you to take advantage of lower prices.

 Derrick Mull

Derrick Mull Bookkeeper, has been in the business with his brother since 2008. He states he is the “younger, and more handsome”, brother of Wesley Mull, owner of Empire Gold and Silver. Derrick has a background in history, business, philosophy, and generally being a cool dude who will educate you on all these topics, even though you didn't really ask for it. He can be found roaming about the store muttering theory, meme’ing, and occasionally working. Where Derrick's brother was blessed with charisma, he was imbued with the power of being brutally frank; which would be unbearable if he “weren't so easy on the eyes”. Derrick was also born and raised in North Georgia and enjoys caving, debating, and reading. He didn’t collect anything as a child, but collects Comic Books now. His favorites are Gold Key Comics.