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Marrying His Coins

What a Significant Other should know about marrying a Coin Enthusiast. You did it! You finally met someone who made your heart skip a beat and the butterflies flutter! You fell in love with their magnetic personality, sharp wit, and doting affection. You never knew it would be so good! As you are learning more about the person all your dreams were made of, you discover... they are a coin collector. You don’t think twice about it... after all you collect shoes, purses, and random pieces of vintage jewelry... how bad can it be? RIGHT? What did you get yourself into? Your loved one has planned a “fun” date for you. You are very excited because lets be honest, most of the planning is done by you or “What do you want to do?” I don’t know... What do you want to do?” and so forth. He can hardly suppress his excitement when he tells you what is in store.... A COIN SHOW. He wants to take you to a coin show. You are dressed to impress, makeup is on point, your hair got the memo to behave, and your outfit, so very carefully chosen to optimize your curves verses your baby fat you haven’t lost in seven years, is to DIE for. My momma taught me that there isn’t anything worth doing if you don’t do it your best... so Coin Show, here I come. Now I know what you are thinking, “You are with the MAN you love! You should love this to because it is a part of him.” Please understand, I love my Husband very much. He is a wonderful man, who makes me a better person and pushes me to do what makes me happy, even if it is hard. Ya’ll! This was hard. Here are some hard learned truths about coin shows:

  1. Most of the people at coin shows are older. They look at you funny when you are wearing sky high heels (They just don’t understand Louboutins like we do), a romper, and model worthy hair (God Bless Eddie at Edit Salon). Which leads to our second point...
  2. They are in Convention centers, Expo centers, weird buildings that are nine thousand yards long... and have good air conditioner. Take a wrap, a cute sweater, your fur panties, Ladies... IT IS COLD!!! The air can be stale so they want to make sure you keep moving and have the ability to hang meat in the same facility.
  3. FORGET THE CUTE SHOES! I am 4’11... I have been wearing heels since seventh grade.... I LOVE HEELS, like... it’s a problem! Those of you who know me know just how important this is if I am telling you to leave the cute shoes behind! You will walk past every table... no less than six times, with the promise of just one more pass! Wear your most comfy shoes, seriously.... You will thank me later!
  4. Be prepared to look at things your S.O. loves and say “It is lovely’ love!” “Oh WOW! Look at that!”, “I can’t believe you finally found it!” Most of the things you are expressing your excitement about, WILL ALL LOOK THE SAME TO THE UNTRAINED EYE! My husband is a fountain of knowledge about so many things! Coins, Diamonds, small intricacies that I would miss EVERY TIME! He is amazing at his job and does very well... I am very proud, but holy cow, I have no idea what he is talking about 99% the time!
  5. Lastly, you will be popular! The coin business is mostly comprised of men... older men, who have been doing this as a hobby for the past thousand years. They are retired now and needed something to do, enter that hobby that your S.O. loves, something to look forward to ladies! You think you are there to see the coins, BUT you are actually the most prized piece your S.O. has and he is there to show you off. Meet his friends, enjoy the time, and I promise he will love you even more!
  6. I now have a different prospective from that very first coin show in Biloxi.... In the Blue Romper and sky high heels. I looked super cute, people even came to the table just to talk to me... but man was it COLD! I still look my best when we go to shows, but I have on “Comfy heels” and I always have long sleeves close by. My job at Coin Shows is to smile pretty, be nice, which can be a feat for me, and talk to people. When I am behind the table at a coin show and people ask about something my standard issue answer is, “I'm just here to look at, the talent will be right back” I still talk to everyone and I still know nothing about coins, but I have friends there too now and I love the adventure. Not everyone can live with their S.O. and work with them as well. For the most part We make it look good, thankfully his wardrobe has significantly changed for the better too! He loves his job and I love him! Just as I am proud of my husband, he is equally excited to show me off. Ladies, put your big girl panties on, smile pretty, and let him show you off... besides you might even win Best in Show!

    Amanda Gilley Mull is a wife, mom, and lover of shoes! She has a passion for her family and friends and lives to enjoy the messy adventure that is her life. With a background in social work and EMS, she is less than knowledgable about coins, but makes the best of it. Amanda loves all things outside, reading and crafting. She hates to exercise, hence the now eight years of baby fat, being unhappy, and ugly shoes. Amanda lives in North Georgia with her family and travels with her husband to MANY coin shows. You can visit them at Empire Gold and Silver in Fort Oglethorpe, GA.