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The Morgan Dollar Question...

What do YOU do?
Remember those amazing coin shows... The ones I went to as a “fun getaway” with my Significant Other? The ones where I was so sad when he would leave and I had to stay home to work at my real job? This was when things were new and we were in that stage where you never want to leave the side of the person you love, Remember that? When things were fresh and easy and it broke you to adult? Coin shows were new! They were a way to bond and for me to watch my man do his thing. I could see him in his element, his form of peacocking! I could see the respect he received and how well the other dealers treated him. It was a way to learn more about him and appreciate his business. Fast forward to today. We are about four hours into a six-ish hour drive home, with the Waze cautioning us about a flood in 0.5 miles, no snacks (I didn’t pack the cooler and snack bag because I am trying to be more mindful of my eating), and the looming duties that are to be done once home to take our very large family to the beach on Monday... I am contemplating the question asked many times of me... What do you do? For those of you who have never been to an infamous Coin Show, let me enlighten you. A coin show is a weekend full of excitement and adventure. There are many people, young and old, at different walks and times in their lives. It is their binding love of coins and history bring them together for one magical weekend, that seems to happen bi- weekly, to create this special event... A COIN SHOW! Did you hear it? The angles singing their “AWE” when you read it? That is how magical these are! All of the dealers, the dealer wanna be’s, the hobbiest, the hoarders, and the consumers come together to buy, sell, trade all of their most prized items... for better or more prized items. However, there are not only coin dealers at coin shows. You never know just what you will find! When I left my full time job as a Paramedic to enact my plot with #coinbae to rule the world, I noticed there was a change in the way people asked the question, What do you do? I know you are all aware that in times past, women didn’t work. They stayed home and baked cookies in kitten heels, super cute aprons, and pearls (I could have totally rocked that gig). Women now work in many places, can do all the things and bake their cookies at the same time, but there are many more men in the coin business than women. I am sorry fellow women, I only perpetuate the problem, as I have done many things in my life... being a coin connoisseur is defiantly not one of them! I can answer a very few simple questions, but 99.9% of all questions are deferred to #coinbae. That is then followed up with, “Well, what do you do?” As a medic, I had a defined job. People knew what I did. They asked questions and were curious about things EMS entailed. I was able to wax poetic about many things. Now people just look at me with a blank stare and ask... “So What do you do?” I sit. I people watch. I move things. I set up lights. I find things (men really need Girl Eyes). I make sure there is change in the money bag. I keep his favorite loops in my purse, along with his favorite pen and at least two sharpies. I count money. I organize. I find his favorite loop when he has lost it. I talk and meet people. I provide witty commentary and find the loop again. I bring him back in and make him focus. I gently remind him to stop and sit for a minute, drink water, eat, recharge so that he can continue to do his thing. I do anything that is needed to make his life easier. See, he doesn’t focus well anyway... when you put him in a place where there are no less than sixteen people who all want something at the same time from him, it is much worse. #coinbae is the key... if he doesn’t have the things he needs, nothing will be done. All the knowledge rests in his handsome head. I can gather all the tools, I can set things in motion... but without #coinbae nothing happens. All of the knowledge is locked up in that perfectly quaffed head of his (thanks to Finn at EDIT SALON)! You see, my job is to offer love and support to #coinbae. Don’t get me wrong... I do lots of other things too, but ultimately that is my job. It is hard to explain exactly what I do at the office or at a show. Sure I have tasks such as social media and “the things that fall through the cracks” but my title at the office is Wife. I have struggled with several titles and wife seemed the best. Wes called me his assistant once... I am not an assistant. Assistants typically just do things they are asked to do. They do their job and go home and don’t think about work until the next morning. The thing that is different about our situation is that I go home with him. His job is my job. We never forget about work. Now my standard answer to the question “What do you do?” I am his wife. That is what I do. What do you do?